It is the mission of Niko Brummer Primary School

  •  to educate its learners holistically in such a way that they will be people who will be able to fully occupy their place in society and that it will be reflected in their positive way of thinking;

■       To make responsibility, loyalty, excellence, the value of honesty, and the value of respect towards others, their property, and yourself part of every learner’s lifestyle.

■       to lead learners towards reaching their full academic potential through excellent teaching.

  •  to direct the learners towards the development of a healthy body and spirit through participation in the school’s sporting and cultural activities.
  •  to emphasize the merits of neatness, discipline, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.
  •  to impress on the learners the need for patriotism and love of their own culture, while also respecting the viewpoints and customs of others.
  •  together with the parents as partners in education, to work in the interest of all the learners.
  •  to create a climate within which educators and learners can experience happiness, satisfaction and security.
  • to assist each educator to express the professionalism of his/her vocation in a worthy manner.
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