As a statutory, elected body, representative of the parent community, the Governing  Body is responsible for determining the admission policy for the school.  In his capacity as a member of the Governing Body, the school principal is responsible for the practical execution of the policy.   The admission policy is based on the aims and objectives of the school.  It is directed at the upholding of standards and norms, maintaining the ethos of the school and the optimum realization of the school’s potential.  

A pupil may be admitted to the school if he/she subscribes to the preconditions and guide-lines described and laid down below.  Also if his/her parent(s) / guardian(s) endorse(s) the enclosed policy, is/are prepared to commit themselves to it and is/are prepared accordingly to fulfil their responsibilities/duties.  Learners already enrolled, as well as their parents/guardians, are not excluded from the admission regulations and conditions.  A learner can only be admitted to a certain class or grade pending the availability of adequate physical facilities.


The SGB has determined the School’s maximum capacity for learner admission as follows:

The following factors will be considered in determining the School’s capacity:

Niko Brummer Primary School puts a high premium on the quality of teaching and the mental stake of its teachers; therefore not more than thirty (30) learners will be admitted into each of the combined grade 4/5 and grade 6/7 English classes.



Applicants must have the fluency to be taught through the medium of Afrikaans or English in the same classroom, from gr.4 to gr.7.  The school principal may, as he sees fit, test an applicant’s fluency, or have it tested before an application for admission is considered.


An applicant must have the necessary scholastic background and ability to meet the academic standards of the school.  The principal may, on his own initiative, prescribe or carry out any test to determine whether the applicant has satisfactorily mastered the academic content of the previous standard. The child will however not be refused admission based on the test score.

3.         AGE LIMIT

The age of the applicant must correspond more of less to the average age for the specific standard, based on a average of 10 years old in grade 4.  The maximum age for admission to the various grades during January is as follows:  gr. 4 – 11 years, gr. 5 – 12 years, gr. 6 – 13 years, gr. 7 – 14 years of age.  This fixing takes into consideration the different developmental needs of the various different peer groups.  Any applicant who, in the view of the principal and the Governing Body might disrupt existing peer groups, will not qualify for admission.  In this, Special needs learners are excluded.  

A transfer form, identity document or birth certificate as well as proof of address must be brought for admission to the school.


If it comes to the attention of the school that a learner previously caused disciplinary problems repeatedly and parents concealed that information, the learner may be refused admission.  See section dealing with behaviour (3.6) in the shortened version of the school rules.


The admission to the school of successful applicants is subject to the following conditions:


Applicants must obey the school rules, must identify with the school policy, must adapt to existing school customs, accept and respect the authority of the staff and help to promote the interests of the school in an active manner.

Parents/legal guardians of applicants must accept the authority of the school in its exercise of discipline, support the staff in their task of teaching and educating, identify with the ethos of 

the school, involve themselves in helping the school to realize its goals and fulfill their co-responsibility for the creation of facilities.


No learner or his/her parents or legal guardians may, within a school context, associate him/herself with, work for or participate in, activities of any party political organization, extra-parliamentary movement, any organization with a political objective, mass action or any pressure group.  The school may in no ways be involved in political action of any nature whatsoever.


3.1       The person that is responsible for school fees:  Guardian and/or father and/or mother.

3.2       Way of payment:  ten monthly payments;  four quarterly payments or a once off payment of the full amount.

N.B.    Application of partly or provisory or total exemption of school fees is available at the

            office and must be handed in by 18 March for the applicable year. 

3.3       The parent(s) / guardians(s) of the applicant undertake to fulfill their financial duties towards the school as determined by the governing body from time to time.

4.         TRANSPORT

If the applicant does not live near the school, he/she must have adequate transportation available that will enable him/her to be punctual for daily school activities.   Transport for school attendance and for participation in extra-mural activities is undertaken at own cost.


The applicant commits him/herself to being an active participant in the extra-mural, sports and cultural, activities and societies of the school.

6.         RECORD

In case of a criminal record or a record of serious misconduct, political activism, expulsion or suspension from another school, full details must be mentioned in the application.  

The principal may, as he sees fit, and without the knowledge of the applicant,  or his/her parents/guardians make enquiries about the record of any applicant.  Should an applicant be refused admission to the school on the grounds of a negative record, the decision must be 

accepted without insistence on further qualification of reasons.


The appointment of staff members to fill posts is carried out objectively and purely on merit so as to provide teaching and education of the highest possible professional standards.  The formation of pressure groups representing any interest group that favours a certain applicant(s) does not serve education.  No parent, guardian or pupil may make themself guilty of this.

8.         UNDERTAKING

A learner will only be considered for admission after the parents/guardians have signed the undertaking (attached to the application form).




I, the undersigned parent/guardian of ……………………………………………… declare that the given information is correct/true.  According to the South African School law (Art. 109 of 1996) both parents together and/or separate are responsible for the payment of school fees.

I further bind myself to all undertakings and accept responsibility of money owed to the school at all times.  If outstanding school fees are handed over for collection, I am responsible for the costs incurred by it.  All amounts must be paid directly to the collectors.

I declare further I read all the financial information and understood it as well as the shortened school rules and admission requirements of Primary School Niko Brummer.

Signed at Beaufort West on ………………………………….   .

SIGNED:        ………………………………………………

                        (Parent / Guardian)

A learner will only be admitted after the parents and learner familiarised themselves with the vision, mission and rules of the school.

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